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tea bag pack machine with thread and tag
tea bag pack machine with thread and tag


BT-11 is a heat-sealing, multifunction, automatic, Intelligent tea-bag

packing machine.The machine can automatically finish bag making, filling, seal

of the tea bags, and attaching the string and the tag.


Scope of application:

This machine is suitable for packing such products as broken tea, coffee,

ginseng essence, diet tea, health-caring tea, medicine tea, yerba mate tea, as

well as tea leaves and herbal beverage, etc.

Available with electronic speed control, PID Digital Temperature Controllers, Safety : Features available to comply with international safety norms.

The machine has two unique designs

# Unique tag feeding design.

# The novel design for the tag sealing.

Packaging material: heat sealable tea bag paper

Techinical Specification:

Sealing type:3 side seal

Filling Range: about 1.5-5g of broken tea

Packing  Size: 60-75mmx55-70mm

Tag Size: W: 28×L:23-28mm

Packing Speed: 30-60bag/min

Machine Dimension:750 x 560 x 1800 (mm)

Dimension with package: 965 x 760 x 1900 (mm)

Net weight:350KG

Gross Weight: 430KG



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