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Automatic screws bolts packing machine
Automatic screws bolts packing machine

Scope of application

Applicable to the counting and sealing package of medicines, foodstuff, chemical material, plastic products, and irregular products of the special industry. Such as candy, tablet, hardware, electronic parts, screws, bolts, nuts, cushion accessories and so on.                    



1. Automatic screw packing machine 
2.applicable to screw, bolt, nut and so on 
3.can counting, bag forming, filling, and sealing packing

Technical features

1. The vibrating disk, the linear vibrating collocating unit and the accurate counting control unit which are specially made for the screw sample can ensure the accuracy of each bag.

2. When packing the packing materials with logo, the advanced stepping control and photocell control can be used together, to acquire the perfect pattern of the logo.

3. It is a single chip controlling system, with automatic halt, automatic alarm and diagnose when error occurs. And it is safe and conveniently count the workload of the machine.

4. It can automatically display the packing amount and conveniently count the workload of the machine.

5. The machine adopts full-automatic operation to fulfill measuring, counting, bag making, filling, sealing and date printing etc.

6. This machine is a combined type and includes vibrating disk, raster count, discharging part and bag making and packing part, the standard configuration for this machine is two vibrating disks, it is optional to add more so as to fulfill the variety of the packing product.

7. Ribbon code printer, finished product conveyor is for option.

Product specification

Power supply

220V, 50Hz, single phase

Filling range

adjustable within a certain range





Film width

maximum 200mm

Bag size

length: 40-160mm / width: 30-100mm

Bag sealing style

3 side sealing, 4 side sealing or back sealing


Approx. 185kg/280kg



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