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Big bag paste ketchup forming filling seaing machine
Big bag paste ketchup forming filling seaing machine

This machine is designed to catering for the package demand of liquid and paste which is quite sticky, with less liquidity; with high viscosity .The machine have store hopper, electric control and VFFS 420 packing machine, with simple structure and simple for operation.  The pneumatic part adopts the German FESTO and Japan SMCD aerodynamic components; Cylinder piston and cylinder body all made of PTFE and 316 L stainless steel, in accordance with GMP requirements; requirements; Filling quantity and filling speed all can be arbitrarily regulated and with high precision; The filling head adopts anti-dipping device and anti-wiredrawing filling device; This machine can also be made into explosion-proof type filling system according to the customer demand.

  1.Touch screen display in Chinese and English, direct and easy to operate.
  2.Advanced design for complete machine, reasonable structure, convenient adjusting operation and maintenance.
  3. PLC computer-controlled systems to make the operation more stable. All the parameters can be adjusted without stopping the machine.
  4.Accuracy weighing ±1%。
  5.The pouching、sealing、packing and data printing of products is done in one time.
  6. Minimize the consumption with multiple kinds of auto warning protection function.

Technical parameters:


 Packing speed: 30 ~ 80 package/min

Measuring range: 20 ~ 500 g ,200 ~ 1000 g

Bag size: (50-290) x (60-200) mm (L x W)

Coil paper core diameter: Ф 75 mm

Most big pack material outside diameter: ¢400

Coil paper core diameter: ¢75

Power supply: 3 kW 220 V + 10% 50 Hz ac

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