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automatic capsule counting,filling and packing machine
automatic capsule counting,filling and packing machine

Capsule counting and packing machine

A. Scope of application
It’s widely applicable to the mixed packing of the accessorial mounting screws,nut sand small plastic parts for the electrical applicance,the decorative lamps and the decorative hardware,it plastic parts for the electrical appliance,the decoratice lamps and the decorative hardware.It replaces the shape forming manner of the pre-made bags,greatly increasing the work efficiency,so as to be widely adopted by many serew application enterprises.
The parts with special shapes can also customized according to clients’ requirements.This machine is controlled by microcoomputer,and the packing process can be realized automatically.

B. Features
1.The vibrating disk,the linearvibrating collocating unit and accurate counting control unit which are specially made for the screw sample can sure the accuracy of the bag.
2.When packing the packing materials with logo,the advanced stepping control and color code of the machine can be used together,to acquire the perfect pattern of the logo.
3.It is a single chip controlling system,with automatic autmand diognoe when error occurs.And it safe and convenient for use.
4.It can automatically display the packing an conveniently count the workload of the machine.
5.This machine adopts full-automatic operation to fullfill measuring,counting,bag making ,filling,sealing and date printing,etc.This machine is combined typeand indudes vibrating disk,raster count,discharging part and bag making and packing part,the standard configuration forth is machine it two vibrating disks;it is optional to add more so as to fulfill the variety of the packing product.

C.Technical parameters:
Mode BT-100P
Range of measurement Depend on hardware
Bag size L40-160 W40-100mm
Capacity 12-70bag/min
Sealing type 3sides or 4sides

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