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Automatic oil bottle filling machine
Automatic oil bottle filling machine

This machine is suitable for filling automatically with aqueous, oily and suspending foodstuff, pharmaceuticals and pesticides. Electric motor servo drive technology and
volumetric measurement ensure high precision of packaging. Type of connection is optional upon requirement on site. User may select the operating direction from either
size, left or right.
 * Servo Filling System: The filling system is driven by Panasonic servo motor. Filling measurement is equipped with PLC automatic processing system. This procedure
      solves instability of pneumatic/hydraulic drive, improves efficiency, and eases operation. Metering regulation is inputted from touch screen directly without affecting
      any other parts. Unique speed_changing filling function changes blanking speed automatically during filling. The number of filling system may also be expanded
      according to production requirement. Filling frequency may also repeat according to requirement on filling capacity without replacing any spare parts.
* Servo Diving System: Diving filling travel is controlled electronically by pulse based on advanced servo drive control technology. Accordingly, stainless steel nozzle is
      sent to container accurately for filling. Speed changes in lifting process, bringing about the function of filling while lifting genuinely so as to reduce foam. The supply
      is prevented from contacting filling nozzle, so the exterior and bottle nozzle will not be contaminated.
*  Blanking Device: Unique design with 316 stainless steel piston pump allows the ease of disassembling and cleaning. The device is suitable for a variety of containers.
      Pneumatic valve imported from Italy supplies potential torque, meeting the vigorous requirements on rapid switching of material drawing/yielding instantly by tee ball
      valve. Teflon inlet/outlet tube is superior in resisting any chemicals and characteristic of corrosion resistance, aging resistance and long useful life.
* Touch Screen Control System: Imported Mitsubishi touch screen, short_cut and convenient. Visible mode of manual/auto filling; vigorous human_machine interaction
      helps adjusting filling capacity, metering effort and speed easily. Unique metering memory function saves filling capacity automatically. Filling process of the same
      medium and capacity will be called from the memory directly, saving readjustment.
*  Vacuum Suction Device: The special filling nozzle with built_in capillary pipe is equipped with vacuum suction device, which suctions back material immediately after
      filling without any dropping, drawing or contamination to bottle opening. It prevents the need of liquid collector, solving the problem of leak and drawing for good.
*  Automatic Feeding System: The feed switch of automatic high level supply tank is controlled by PLC and is turned on/off automatically according to filling speed.
      Feeding valve is turned on when the supply is needed and the supply level is kept at a low level. The valve turns off automatically when replenished supply reaches
      high level. Precision control of supply conveying meets the demands of production automation.
* Conveying: Flexible means of connection allows operation from left to right or from right to left according to site requirement. It is the most human_oriented design.
Technical Parameters:
    Model: BT-3000
    Filling Range: 50-3000ml
    Speed: 30-80 bottles/minute
    Error: ±0.5% (every 100ml)
    Operating Voltage: 380V 50Hz
    Operating Pressure: 0.5MPa
    Power Consumption: 3.5kW
    Gas Consumption: 0.8 m3/m
    Weight: 600kg
    Dimension: 2000mmx1000mmx1900mm

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